My first good cry

What you are about to see may tell you more than you need to know about me. Namely, I laugh at the expense of other people. I do. I admit it. I am not ashamed of it. It’s just part of who I am. So when my husband showed me this video, I laughed so hard I cried. And then I cried some more. And then I made lemon bars.

Thanks again for all the love and support. It has propped me up in significant ways. Puppies are not here just yet, but last night I did feel two moving around in my dog’s belly. It was amazing and scary like some alien was going to burst forth from her stomach and hold my hand. Promise puppy pics when they arrive. I figure puppy love is best when shared.


PS: this one is another video I watched about 25 times today. If you like 80s stuff (Journey) and baseball (the Yankees), this is awesome. Even if you hate the 80s and baseball, this is a pretty solid parody. Go on and jam out with your bad self. I did.


12 thoughts on “My first good cry

  1. That. was. awesome. Nothing like a little scar to end a nap! I bet that would keep me from hitting the snooze button in the morning.

    Lemon bars and puppies sound great!

    I’m just stopping in from Stupid Stork to say hello and you are not alone.

  2. A good laugh, a good cry, lemon bars, and puppies. I know it’s not everything you want, but it’s something. Maybe even something close to good. Thinking of you.

  3. Haha I saw this on the news and was laughing too…unfortunately I too tend to find comedy at the expense of others and it often times infuriates my husband haha. Hope you’re feeling a little better and that cry did you some good. Anxiously waiting for those puppies!!!

  4. Oh hon, just catching up on things this week. I am so so sorry this cycle didn’t work out for you guys. Such a crushing feeling. Sending you lots of love and strength.

  5. I would have sh*t myself! Poor wife will probably never ride in the same car as her husband ever again. (Yes, I laughed.)

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