This is the true story of two people and lots of injectable medication picked to share a few weeks together and have their lives blogged about to find out what happens when people get tired of getting shot in the ass and start getting pregnant.

I am a soon-to-be 35-year-old woman using heavy duty fertility drugs for the first time who has, unfortunately, joined the ranks of those who have failed an IVF cycle. Outside of doping (I still have some HGH in the fridge), I’m an active gal who loves to compete. I’ve run a few marathons, completed in an ironman back in 2008, jumped on the crossfit train, and completed my first ultra-marathon in November as a little f-you to fertility.  I am a teacher and a dog owner and the wife to the best man in all the land!

Procedures you know and love

Clomid: who doesn’t love a bloated belly?

IUI: No dice. But fun to play the game.

IVF #1: Four follicles. Three eggs. Two embyros. One transfer. Zero babies. Poop.

Why we can’t get pregnant

It’s him. It’s me. It’s him. It’s me. It’s me: low antral follicle count. AMH = .91. “Ovaries of a 40-year-old,” said the doctor. Not 40-year-olds I know, bitch!

Have I always been this sassy?

Yes. Think of me like Bridget Jones struggling with infertility. If I can’t laugh at it all and myself, what’s the point?


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    Just joined your blog, nice to meet you. I am 33 years old and have the overies of a 50 year old :). My AMH are at a shocking 0.12 so we proceeding with DE IVF soon but have to wait another two months to get there!!

    • Thanks. Just popped over to your place and saw that you’re not currently blogging. I must admit, I loved your final post. The idea of living without infertility hanging over your head. I am ready to be there regardless of how I get there. Thanks for reading.

    • Lots of training. I am the kind of athlete who responds really well to long, hilly training plans. So the ultra was ideal for me. It was awesome! Had a great fall of running, but my dad is convinced that’s why my first IVF didn’t work: I was training for a race not for a baby. What does he know? =-) Anyway, you can do it. The long runs are a little longer than marathon distance, but you just ramp up. Post-successful IUI, are you hoping to train for anything? Maybe something special for your 30th?? Maybe 31 so you can recover from labor.

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