I know what you’re thinking: these are adorable! Truly the best band-aids a gal could ever get. I agree. And this year Santa was very good to me in anticipation of my many shots. I found a box of these in my stocking come Christmas morning. My acupuncturist has commented on them, as has my fertility doc. It’s funny how such a small thing can make such a large shot seem not-so-bad.

I’ve also come across some of the nicest folks in the recent days. There are the amazingly pleasant and cheery lab techs who have taken by blood not once, not twice, but three times. Tomorrow’s the fourth! The lovely ladies at my doctor’s office who welcome me with smiles and cheers and hugs. The colleague who stopped by my office just to thank me for some worksheets I sent him. I am continuing to feel this overwhelming joy and gratitude, this energy around me that is lifting me up. I don’t know if it’s the long term effects of the stimulation drugs or what, but it sure feels good. It’s helping me focus on the now and block out the shoulds. Finally!

Had another appointment today and everything is going well. My four follicles are in tip-top shape. Little number five is growing like a champ and catching up quickly. Phew. Progesterone and Estradiol levels are fabulous as well. I am in great shape to make this baby happen. Woot! Woot! Head back to the doc (and lab) one more time tomorrow for the final schedule of the trigger shot and retrieval. Getting very, very excited.

Meds taken: Repronex, Omnitrope, Follistim, Cetrotide
Injections: four (counting the blood draw)
Daily highlight: Having my husband correct me when I was visualizing our kids: “Please speak of at least one boy as I’d really like one.” My visualization work is rubbing off on him.
Best email: From my dad. He encouraged me to talk to my mother. She’d offer no promises, but plenty of help.