Grapes In My Belly

My final pre-retrieval ultrasound went well. My lining has been glorious. My ovaries have been working hard. My blood work is on target. I now know all of the nurses at the clinic … and there are many. I’ve also seen my acupuncturist four times this week. I now have his cell phone number. It’s funny how IVF will bring strangers into your family as they all hope, we all hope, that our efforts will result in a baby.

So here are the gritty details: the doctor is hoping for eight eggs. There’s a chance it could be ten, but eight would be fabulous. Last time around I had four follicles and one was empty, so that gave us three eggs. Not good. This time we have way more follicles. It’s just that only 8-10 will be ready. There are some stragglers who won’t make it. (Did you know a ready-to-go follicle is the size of a grape?) I know that we have done everything we can to make this successful. My body is rested, a little heavier (ugh), a little more hormonally balanced. I have been at ease with everything in the process and am ready for what comes next. But, right now I am currently waffling back and forth between feeling great about how much better this cycle has been and feeling awful as we move out of the honeymoon phase and into the waiting phase of this process. I even bagged out of a BBQ today so I could stay home and watch RomComs all afternoon. I know I’m also remembering the last IVF and what happened after retrieval. I don’t want to focus on that, but it’s hard to forget such an intense emotional experience. So my goal for the next few days is to use that experience to drive me forward. To help me keep things in perspective. To remind me that life is good, and will be good.

I have my dorky meditation CD ready to go. I’ve got great books on my Kindle. Tickets to a ballgame tomorrow. Some dinner with friends. Plenty of small things to keep me busy.

Trigger comes at 8 P.M. It’s go time.



Let my people go!

Tonight was a big night: I had my last intramuscular shot. Yes! I am proclaiming it as my last. Woot! Woot! And tonight’s shot was filled with HcG instead of the usual Follistim, Repronex and Omnitrope. It’s time for those fabulous four (maybe five) follicles to let the girls go. My doctor is ready to catch them and, with the help of my hubby’s sperm, turn them into wee ones.

Still feeling fabulous and riding the hormonal wave of delight. Had a great sushi dinner with the hubby, hopefully my last for quite some time. Have one more acupuncture appointment tomorrow before the big retrieval on Saturday morning. Send me good thoughts around 8:15am Cali time. Ready to cannonball into the next part of this journey …

Meds taken: Cetrotide & HcG
Injections: 2!!
Daily highlight: Snuggle time with my dog and a special Hello Kitty Band-Aid saved for my final shot.